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Why study ageing in cold-blooded vertebrates? Goss RJ1. Author information: 1Division of Biology and Medicine, Brown University, Providence, RI 02912. Homeotherms exhibit programmed ageing correlated with their determinate mode of growth and the natural attrition of irreplaceable functional units in vitally essential organs. DNA REPAIR AND LONGEVITY IN THREE SPECIES OF COLD-BLOODED VERTEBRATES A. D. WOODHEAD, R. B. SETLOw and E. GRIST Biology Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY 11973, U.S.A. Received 13 January 1979 INTRODUCTION THE "ERROR catastrophe" theory of ageing proposes that senescence is related to the progressive accumulation of errors in. Many cold-blooded vertebrates e.g., many fishes and reptiles do not show signs of aging. Transgenic mice whose "thermostat" in the hypothalamus [ Link ] has been reset to give a lower body temperature reduced by 0.3 – 0.5°C live 12% males to 20% females longer than their nontransgenic littermates.

This is significant because delayed reproduction is usually associated with a very slow rate of aging. A 1994 issue of Gerontology was devoted to aging in cold-blooded vertebrates; it compiled research showing that even though some fish are long-lived, interestingly many are short-lived and have senescence similar to that seen in mammals Patnaik, B.K. Ed., 1994. Fish and other cold-blooded vertebrates are not highly regarded as a fruitful area of research for aging, yet even here the direct and indirect evidence for aging that has accumulated is formidable. In humans and other mammals, there has been a veritable explosion of research, both basic and applied, and much of the credit for the continuing impetus is due to Alex Comfort. Jun 19, 2020 · Also, aging induces in this fish pathological changes that mimic those typical of human aging, making it a practical vertebrate system for studying age. In view of the ever-increasing fraction of older adults, understanding the mechanisms of aging and age-related diseases has become a matter of urgent necessity. Gerontology, the oldest journal in the field, is also the only journal that responds to this need by drawing topical contributions from multiple disciplines to support the fundamental goals.

Gerontology, the study of the aging process, is devoted to the understanding and control of all factors contributing to the finitude of individual life. It is not concerned exclusively with debility, which looms so large in human experience, but deals with a much wider range of phenomena. Jul 07, 2020 · Offers original research data, new ideas and discussions on modulating the aging process by physical, chemical and biological means Coverage includes immunology, autoimmunity and infection in aging Examines vertebrates, invertebrates, micro-organisms and plants for experimental studies on genetic determinants of aging and longevity. Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for COLD-BLOODED VERTEBRATE [reptile] We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word reptile will help you to finish your crossword today. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find.

Mar 15, 2004 · Available data are few due to difficulties in studying ageing in natural populations and in accurately determining age. In all vertebrates, the most obvious evidence of the senescence of lymphoid tissue is the involution of thymus, which courses with decreased numbers of thymocytes, and loss of the histological organization of gland.

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