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Ernst Wilhelm Nay June 11, 1902 – April 8, 1968 was a German painter and graphic designer of classical modernism. He is considered one of the most important painters of German post-war art. He is considered one of the most important painters of German post-war art. Ernst Wilhelm Nay Foundation In September 2005, the Ernst Wilhelm Nay Foundation was accepted as an independent foundation under the civil law of the district government of Cologne. The purpose of this Foundation is the continuing promotion of Nay’s art through exhibitions and publications as well as the maintenance of museum standards and. 'E. W. Nay' Galerie Franz, Berlin. 1948 'Ernst Wilhelm Nay - Bilder des Jahres 1947' Galerie Dr. Werner Rusche, Cologne. 1950 'E. W. Nay' Retrospective, Kestner-Gesellschaft, Hanover. 1952 'E. W. Nay' Retrospective, Haus am Waldsee, Berlin. 1954 'Ernst Wilhelm Nay - Bilder, Gouachen, Aquarelle und Zeichnungen von 1927-1954' Galerie Der Spiegel, Cologne.

The big dynamic swings of the landscape, its elementary force brought the theme of my art out for the first time’ E. W. Nay, ‘Notes’, in E. W. Nay: A Retrospective, exh. cat., Cologne, Josef-Haubrich-Kunsthalle, 1990, pp. 30-31. Indeed, the resulting works have come to represent the foundation of Nay’s aesthetic, which – though. E.W. Nay A Retrospective by Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Siegfried Gohr, Werner Haftmann. Germany: DuMont. 210pp., b/w & colour illustrations. Text in English & German. Retrospective exhibition catalogue. Some shelf wear to covers o/w very good condition. NB heavy book 1.8kg. additional postage may be required for overseas orders. Very Good.

For Ernst Wilhelm Nay 1902-1968, painting was an entrance to a world beyond the visible, a world more real and more vital that lay beneath the surface of appearances. Beginning his career as the chaotic years of the Weimar Republic became the dark years of the Third Reich, it was natural that he should look to art for an alternative reality. Nay, E. W. Ernst Wilhelm, 1902-1968. Artist file. Brooklyn Museum Libraries & Archives: creatorOf: Nay, E. W. Ernst Wilhelm, 1902-1968. Ernst Wilhelm Nay: artist file: study photographs and reproductions of works of art with accompanying documentation 1930?-1990 [graphic] [compiled by staff of The Museum of Modern Art, New York]. Frick. Ernst Wilhelm Nay is one of the most important artists belonging to the second generation of Modern Art. With his oeuvre spanning the figurative to the abstract, he builds a bridge from Expressionism to the free setting of colour, which he mastered in the highest order. In 1931 Ernst Wilhelm Nay received a nine-months' study bursary to the Villa Massimo in Rome, where he began to paint in the abstract Surrealist manner. On the recommendation of the Lübeck museum director, C.G. Heise, Nay was given a work grant financed by Edvard Munch, which enabled Nay to spend time in Norway and on the Lofoten Islands in 1937.

a m o r e. Vivian Greven. Exhibition catalogue. 2019 -----Catalogue raisonné Works on Paper - Volume 3. Ernst Wilhelm Nay. Monograph. 2018 -----Lonely Hills. Zhang Wanqing. Exhibition catalogue. 2017 -----The Great Society. Alice Neel. Exhibition catalogue. 2018. Ernst Wilhelm Nay is one of the most important representatives of abstract painting in post-war Germany. For him, abstraction was a logical consequence on the basis of which the artist - in Nay's own words - sought to give shape to that “complex of primordial forms in combination with rhythm and dynamism” in order to realise “the actual formal subject matteras a whole” E. W. Nay.

E. W. Nay: ... a retrospective ERNST WILHELM NAY

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