Integration of a User Perspective in Research Priority Setting: The Case of Dairy Technology in Meru, Kenya Michael Waithaka -

The author recollects the problem of priority setting for dairy research at the programme level in KARI. He then considers the background and historical development of agricultural development, research, and extension polices in Kenya as well as research-extension-farmer linkages. He also presents a case study of the zero grazing technology. Michael M. Waithaka is an excerpt from the chapter on Burundi included in this packet that will appear in the forthcoming IFPRI monograph, Assessing the Vulner-ability of Agriculture to Climate. [Show full abstract] to priority setting, the importance of adoption and the need for a user perspective. Different rapid appraisal methods and procedures were tested and a focused formal survey. Dairy value chain analysis for the Kenya crops and dairy market system development report is a baseline report for the USAID funded programme in dairy pre-commercialization 12 counties in Kenya.

Central District of Kenya. The FARM-Africa Meru Dairy Goat and Animal Healthcare Project, working with dairy-goat farmer groups, provides a good case study in which to examine this research problem. Purpose and Objectives The goal of this study was to examine the role of farmer groups in technology. The case of dairy technology in Meru, Kenya. Book. Mar 1998; Michael M. Waithaka;. Integrating a user perspective in research priority setting will not solve all problems of research planning. WHEREAS Kenneth Waithaka Kamau, of P.O. Box 536–00900, Kiambu in the Republic of Kenya, is registered as proprietor in absolute ownership interest of all that property known as Githunguri/Ikinu/4260, situate in the district of Kiambu, and whereas sufficient evidence has been adduced to show that the land title deed issued thereof has been. Page: 4648. CORRIGENDA. IN Gazette Notice No. 6148 of 2019, amend the place of death printed as “Gitaru, Chura” to read “Kenyatta National Hospital in Kenya” and the date of death printed as “2nd May, 2000” to read “26th November, 2015”. IN Gazette Notice No. 6694 of 2019, Cause No. 161 of 2019, amend the date of death printed as “9th August, 2000” to read “9th July, 2000”.

Page: 850. GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 1907. THE STATE CORPORATIONS ACT Cap. 446KENYA YEARBOOK ORDER L. N. 187 of 2007APPOINTMENT. IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by paragraph 3 2 j of the Kenya Yearbook Order, 2007, the Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communications and Technology appoints—Caroline Mukeli Nemaisa Kiereini Wilson Kipkazi. Pasture Research Project. Ministry of Agriculture, Technical Report No. 24. National Agricultural Research Station, Kitale Kenya. Mwangi, D. M. 1994. Survey on feeds, feeding and livestock management in Central Kenya. Proceedings of the 2nd Kenya Agricultural Research Institute KARI Scientific conference, Nairobi,Kenya. A set of GIS-derived measures of market access and agro-climate are included in a standard household model of technology uptake, applied to smallholder dairy farms in Kenya, using a sample of 3330.

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