International Symposium on Biological Product Freeze-Drying and Formulation (Developments in Biologicals) -

The First Steps Towards an International Harmonization of Veterinary Biologicals: TOC: Vol. 77, 1992: Standardization of the Immunopharmacology of Natural and Synthetic Immunomodulators: TOC: Vol. 76, 1992: Continuous Cell Lines - An International Workshop on Current Issues: TOC: Vol. 74, 1992: Biological Product Freeze-Drying and Formulation. International Symposium on Biological Product Freeze-Drying and Formulation 1990: Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center of the National Institutes of Health. International Symposium on Biological Product Freeze-Drying and Formulation. Basel; New York: Karger, ©1992 OCoLC609966673: Material Type: Conference publication, Internet resource. 1. Dev Biol Stand. 1992;74:3-365. Biological product freeze-drying and formulation. Proceedings of a symposium. Bethesda, Maryland, 24-26 October 1990.

International Society of Lyophilization – Freeze Drying Inc. The Society is a non-profit all – volunteer organization registered in the State of Delaware in the United States whose mission is to promote and advance the field of lyophilization lyophilisation by personal interaction using the Internet and supporting programs that provide financial and/or material assistance to those who. Feb 23, 2011 · Freeze-drying in these novel container systems poses a unique challenge to freeze-drying process development and scale-up. Glass vials are widely used and are well characterized in terms of heat and mass transfer during freeze-drying 12,13.However, there are few reports in the literature describing heat and mass transfer for freeze-drying in syringes.

Quality of biologicals. K. Ho. Afssaps, France ©2011 ICH. International Conference on Harmonisation. • Formulation and filling • DRUG PRODUCT • DRUG SUBSTANCE. Example of process change. Adaptation of freeze drying procedure. Jul 01, 1999 · References and Notes 1 M.J. Pikal, K. Dellerman, M.L. Roy, Formulation and Stability of Freeze†dried Proteins: Effects of Moisture and Oxygen on the Stability of Freeze†dried Formulations of Human Growth Hormone May, J.C. Brown, F. International Symposium on Biological Product Freeze†Drying and Formulation Vol. 74: 1991 Karger. Aug 06, 2012 · Freeze Drying Process - Stages Vacuum application Primary DryingFreezing stage stage Packaging Secondary drying. Final Comments Processing biologicals in to the finished products is the most challenging and most expensive of all pharmaceutical products. The expertise required for biological formulation development is vital to the. Areas relevant to biologicals for human and veterinary use such as: • Bacterial vaccines • Blood products • Cell biology • Cell culture technology • Cellular immunology • Cytokines and allied mediators • Diagnostics • Downstream processing • Gene transfer and expression • General bacterology.

Read the latest articles of Journal of Biological Standardization at, Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature. Sep 11, 2001 · Applications of DSC in the development of improved freeze-drying processes for labile biologicals J Thermal Anal 1991 37: 1905–1914 CAS Article Google Scholar 37.

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