Linguistics of altered states of consciousness (Quantitative linguistics) D. L Spivak -

Journal of Quantitative LinguisticsVol 11, No 1-2.

Linguistics of altered states of consciousness, forming an integral part of general linguistics, especially designed for study, prediction and verbal correction of relatively short-time. Additional Physical Format: Online version: Spivak, D.L. Dmitriĭ Leonidovich. Linguistics of altered states of consciousness. Bochum: Brockmeyer, 1992. Jan 07, 2020 · Journal of Quantitative Linguistics. 2018 Impact Factor. 0.824 Search in: Advanced search. Submit an article. Linguistics of Altered States of Consciousness: Problems and Prospects ∗ D.L. Spivak. Pages: 27-32. Published online: 09 Aug 2010. Abstract PDF 49 KB.

Linguistics of altered states of consciousness, forming an integral part of general linguistics, especially designed for study, prediction and verbal correction of relatively short-time non. A good example of this can be altered states of consciousness hereinafter referred to as ASC, since they are accompanied by the feeling of ineffability [1, p. 229] and the reduction of speech activity [4, p. 29-30]. At the same time, these states are closely related to the processes of creation, perception, and interpretation of.

It is assumed on the basis of data that have been obtained that altered states of consciousness ASC arise during the performance of operator activity under conditions of monotony, when modulating influences in the minute range of fluctuations are experienced in the process. This modulation promotes the attenuation or intensification of the degree of ASC; this is reflected in corresponding. Linguistics of Altered States of Consciousness: Problems and Prospects. D. L. Spivak - 2004 - Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 11 1:27-32.

Journal of Quantitative Linguistics RG Journal Impact.

linguistics and the study of consciousness Quick Reference There are reasons to believe that the study of language can shed useful light on the nature of consciousness and that, conversely, knowing more about consciousness can contribute to a. We present Activity Analysis as a new method for the quantification of subjective reports of altered states of consciousness with regard to the indicated level of simulated motor activity. Empirical linguistic activity analysis was conducted with dream reports conceived immediately after EEG-controlled periods of hypnagogic hallucinations and REM-sleep in the sleep laboratory.

Spivak, D.L.: 1992, Linguistics of Altered States of Consciousness, Bochum. Piotrovskii, R.G., Romanov, Yu.V., Spivak, D.L., Gurko, Yu.A., Kovalyova, O.N., Piotrovskaya, K.R. Pathologies of Speech Mental Activity and Their Lexicstatistical. Linguistics of Altered States of Consciousness: Problems and Prospects. D. L. Spivak - 2004 - Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 11 1:27-32. Syntax is More Diverse, and Evolutionary Linguistics is Already Here. William Croft - 2009 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 32 5:453-454. Denying a central role of consciousness in linguistics is commonplace in generative linguistics, but self-contradictory. Linguistics of Altered States of Consciousness: Problems and Prospects. D. L. Spivak - 2004 - Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 11 1.

Spivak D. L. Yazyk pri izmenennykh sostoyaniyakh soznaniya [The language of altered states of consciousness]. Leningrad: Nauka LO. 1989. consciousness, particularly for /æ/ backing and /o/ fronting. The importation of sociological consciousness as a factor in variationist analysis, as well as the quantitative results derived from it, are argued to have potentially serious implications for sociolinguistic theory, particularly the notions of persona and style. It is. Bechtereva, N.P., Neirofiziologicheskie aspekty psikhicheskoi deyatel'nosti chelovekaThe Neurophysiological Aspects of Human Psychic Activity, Leningrad: Meditsina, 1974, second revised edition.Translated into English and published by Oxford University Press United States.

A differentiating empirical linguistic analysis of dreamer.

Abstract As a usage-based approach to the study language, cognitive linguistics is theoretically well poised to apply quantitative methods to the analysis of corpus and experimental data. In this article, I review the historical circumstances that led to the quantitative turn in cognitive linguistics and give an overview of statistical models used by cognitive linguists, including chi-square. Measures of the level of consciousness, assessed by the subjects themselves, consisted of changes in the content of consciousness, i.e., the intensity and quality of involuntarily arising mental processes. In each subject, the level of consciousness was found to correspond to a pert EEG profile. Download Citation Statistical models of text and their linguistic and synergetic analysis The synergetic and diagnostic potential of information and statistical text analysis with the help of. Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 111:49-77;. The oral-auditive dimension of altered states of consciousness ASC has been few studied in shamanic context; the limited information found.

Quantitative and mathematical linguistics. Language and religion/spirituality. Language and psychoanalysis. The linguistics of altered states of consciousness. The discourse of fashion including non-verbal aspects. Current Teaching. FASS 508 - Quantitative. Keywords — altered states of consciousness, LSD, psychiatry, psychoactive drugs, psychopharmacology, USSR. As for the test, it was based on the traditional approaches of Russian linguistics D.L. Spivak 1986 and was applied consequently and repeatedly before, during, and after the action of the psychoactive substance. Gender Specific Altered States of Consciousness. L. I. Spivak,. Spivak - 2004 - Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 11 1:27-32. This study examined the relation of altered states of consciousness to neuroticization, spiritual experience, and divergent thinking in a sample of women at late pregnancy and post-delivery. The Status of Linguistics as a Science. by Edward Sapir. University of Chicago [The long tried methods of Indo-European linguistics have proved themselves by the success with which they have been applied to other fields, for instance Central Algonkian and Athabaskan. Dmit:rti Spivak, Ph.D., is a psychologist and se­. 1980 he has published academic articles and books devoted to altered states of consciousness. Book titles include: Linguistics of Altered States of Consciousness. Leningrad: N auka Publishers.

Lengths and L-motifs of rhythmical units in formal British speech Wilson, A. 01/2020 In: Glottometrics. 48, p. 37-51. 14 p. Journal article. Using rank-frequency and type-token statistics to compare morphological typology in the Celtic languages Wilson, A., Harvey, R. 1/04/2019 In: Journal of Quantitative Linguistics. 28 p. Journal article. Dmitri Spivak, PhD Psycholinguistics, PhD Psychology, PhD Economics, senior researcher, Russian Academy of Science Institute of the Human Brain, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Department of Science and Theology, author, Altered States of Mass Consciousness, Linguistics of Altered States of Consciousness, Language under Altered States of. Linguistics - Linguistics - Sociolinguistics: Just as it is difficult to draw the boundary between linguistics and psycholinguistics and between psychology and psycholinguistics, so it is difficult to distinguish sharply between linguistics and sociolinguistics and between sociolinguistics and sociology. There is the further difficulty that, because the boundary between sociology and. Keywords: quantitative linguistics, method, quality, comparison Introduction The paper dwells upon the quantitative methodology in linguistics and describes two researches completed with the use of the method. According to Stefan T. Gries 2003, over the past years, linguistics has taken a decidedly quantitative turn.

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