Modeling and Simulation of the Dynamic Behavior of Portable Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells -

This thesis focuses on the modeling and simulation of the PEMFC. Chapter 1 con-cludes with a discussion of the motivation for the development and application of mathematical fuel cell models. The physical and electrochemical fundamentals necessary for fuel cell modeling are introduced in Chapter 2, starting with the Butler-Volmer approach, which is. The model contains a dynamic and two-phase description of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell. The mass transport in the gas phase and in the liquid phase is considered as well as the phase. This paper describes the modeling, simulation and analysis of the dynamic model of a 5kW PEM fuel cell system. The model includes hydrogen fuel reformer and the PEM fuel cell stack. The model is. The proton exchange membrane fuel cell PEMFC is a useful type of fuel cell due to its high efficiency, high energy densities and low corrosion. Other advantages of PEMFCs are their low operating temperature 40–90 °C and planar geometry which allows many cells to be stacked together in order to obtain an appropriate size [6].

The model contains a dynamic and two-phase description of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell. The mass transport in the gas phase and in the liquid phase is considered as well as the phase transition between liquid water and water vapor. The transport of charges and the electrochemical reactions are part of the model. Jan 27, 2009 · Modeling and Dynamic Characteristic Simulation of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Abstract: In order to investigate the output characteristic of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell PEMFC based on the electrical empirical model, a novel dynamic model of the PEMFC has been developed with MATLAB/Simulink, which is distinct from the models that have been published. A simplified dynamic model of a fuel cell with proton exchange membrane PEM type, based on physical chemical knowledge of the phenomena occurring inside the fuel cell is presented in this section. To simplify the analysis, the following assumptions are made [14]: One-dimensional treatment, i.e. all quantities vary only in an. An isothermal, three dimensional, single phase model was presented to evaluate a proton exchange membrane fuel cell PEMFC with serpentine flow. The mass, momentum and electrochemical equations were solved simultaneously for the steady state condition using computational fluid dynamics CFD software based on the finite element method.

Fuel cells operating with hydrogen have the potential to contribute to the transition for a future sustainable energy system with low-CO 2 emissions. In this paper a dynamic PEM fuel cell model, implemented in Matlab/Simulink, is presented. In order to estimate the PEM fuel cell model parameters, an optimization based approach is used. Abstract: This paper presents a dynamic electrochemical model for representation, simulation and evaluation of the performance of small size generation systems using PEM fuel cells. The results of the model are used to predict the output voltage, efficiency and power of the fuel cell as a function of the actual load current and of the constructive and operational parameters of the cells. Jul 15, 2008 · One of the most promising fuel cell technologies for portable applications is air-breathing fuel cells. In this paper, a dynamic model of an air-breathing PEM fuel cell AB-PEMFC system is presented. The analytical modeling and simulation of the air-breathing PEM fuel cell system are verified using Matlab, Simulink and SimPowerSystems Blockset. To show the effectiveness of the proposed AB-PEMFC model.

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