Perspectives of the Nice Treaty and the Intergovernmental Conference in 2004: Center of European Constitutional Law (European Constitutional Law Network-Series) -

Get this from a library! Perspectives of the Nice treaty and the intergovernmental conference in 2004: Center of European Constitutional Law, Athens 2001. [Dēmētrēs K Melissas; Ingolf Pernice; Kentro Eurōpaikou Syntagmatikou Dikaiou.;] -- "The first ECLN Conference was organised on the 26th and 27th of January 2001 in Athens by the Centre for European Constitutional Law, Athens. Perspectives of the Nice Treaty and the Intergovernmental Conference in 2004 Center of European Constitutional Law. European constitutional Lwa. European Constitutional Law Network-series. Find all books from Melissas, Dimitris, Pernice, Ingolf. At find-more- you can find used, antique and new books, compare results and immediately purchase your selection at the best price. Perspectives of the Nice Treaty and the intergovernmental conference in 2004 Center of European Constitutional Law; Dimitris Melissas, Ingolf Pernice eds. (European constitutional law network-series, Vol. 1) Nomos, 2002. One of the most complex constitutional issues in the European Union is the delimitation of competences. On 18 June 2004, the Intergovernmental Conference approved the text of a Treaty. With the constitutional project European leaders aimed to achieve more than just correcting past shortcomings and mistakes. The existing treaties do not offer a complete and balanced constitutional system. Nice has become the symbol of an integration process mired in miniscule compromises. For these reasons, the European Convention thoroughly.

Brussels Intergovernmental Conference IGC in June 2004, public reactions in European Union EU member states have varied considerably in their perception of what a European constitutional treaty might imply. As the electoral campaigns in the running-up 1 WITTGENSTEIN, L. 1967 Philosophical Investigations tr. G.E.M. Anscombe. Oxford: Basic. The book contains 24 contributions from European law scholars and practitioners analysing the constitutional basis of the European Union and the normative orientation of the Common Foreign and Security Policy CFSP as well as the central economic and monetary provisions TFEU after the Reform Treaty of Lisbon. 2.1 Preparing Enlargement 2004: The Intergovernmental Conference 2000 and the Treaty of Nice 2.2 A New Reform Method: The “European Convention” and the Constitutional Process 3. What Next? Perspectives of Institution Building in the European Union 3.1 Completing the Constitutional Process 3.2 Strengthening the EU’s Reform Capacities.

3 4 Declaration no. 38 to the Treaty of Nice 2000; for comments see: D. Tsatsos, The Treaty of Nice. A failure which can only be remedied by means of an effective and properly implemented post-Nice process, in: D. Melissas/I. Pernice eds., Perspectives of the Nice Treaty and the Intergovernmental Conference in 2004 2001, p. 10. leitung und mitarbeiter fÖrderverein die walter hallstein-bibliothek das internet-angebot des whi das european constitutional law network ecln weitere kooperationspartner des whi 7 7 8 8 8 11 4. forum constitutionis europae fce 11 5. humboldt-reden zu europa hre 12 6. graduiertenkolleg: “verfassung jenseits des staates” 14. Lyons/N. Walker eds., Convergence and Divergence in European Public Law Hart, OUP, Oxford 2002, 39 et seq. at 40/41. 8 De Witte previous note at 42. 9 IGC 1990/91 Maastricht Treaty, IGC 1996/97 Amsterdam Treaty, IGC 2000 Nice Treaty. The next IGC is scheduled for 2004 but may perhaps take place already in 2003.

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