Probabilistic Models for the Resistance of Concrete Anchors (Institut für Baustatik und Konstruktion) Alex Scheiwiller -

IBK Bericht, vol. 506, Zürich: Institut für Baustatik und Konstruktion, ETH Zürich, 2019. DOI: 10.3929/ethz-b-000379657 Research Collection. Probabilistic models for the resistance of concrete anchors. Pawlo Flores Hokkanen and Alex Peter Scheiwiller. This paper presents probabilistic models for mechanical properties of pre-cast and cast-on-site concrete as well as of reinforcing and pre-stressing steel. An extended review of models available in the literature is made and new probabilistic models are developed based on a significant amount of data collected by the authors. Probabilistic models for estimating lateral flexural displacement capacity, shear strength capacity, and shear deformation of reinforced concrete structural walls are presented. In developing all the models, available experimental data are utilized and the Bayesian parameter estimating technique is used. The model for estimating the. Construction and Application of Bayesian Probabilistic Networks for Earthquake Risk Management Yahya Yilmaz Bayraktarli. Probabilistic Models for the Resistance of Concrete Anchors: Pawlo Flores Hokkanen, Alex Scheiwiller: Mai 1999:. Institut für Baustatik und Konstruktion ETHZ November 1978. The multivariate hierarchical approach, a proportional hazard modeling technique, is developed to model the spalling accumulation in a given tunnel segment. The probabilistic model is developed from historically inspected data and characterized to take into account various influencing factors.

anchor forces. Anchor reinforcement consists of longitudinal rebar and ties to carry anchor tension forces and shear forces, respectively. The Strut-and-Tie Model is proposed to analyze shear force transfer from anchors to pedestal and to design the required amount of shear reinforcement. A proposed design procedure is illustrated in an example. A comparative study on a limited number of existing abrasion tests for concrete has been done, with the intention that it should serve as a basis for the preparation of a recommendation for a standard test or tests. A summary and classification of the tests is presented, together with a critical evaluation. In view of the number of different tests currently being used in various countries, it. standard Indian Code method for evaluating the resistance of concrete subjected to various types of abrasive actions. ASTM C 418 presents a test method to evaluate the abrasion resistance of concrete by sand blasting technique. ASTM C 944 test method measures the abrasion resistance of concrete by rotating-cutter machine. ASTM C 779.

Anchors are widely used to attach structural and nonstructural elements to concrete in nuclear, highway and building construction. However, the behavior of anchors and anchor connections is still not fully understood. Nuclear power plants are one of the major construction types in which anchors are used to attach mechanical and electrical. Jul 01, 2010 · The constitutive law used for the steel of the beam and for the reinforcing steel in the concrete slab is the uniaxial Menegotto–Pinto constitutive model, a nonlinear law capable of modelling both kinematic and isotropic hardening, as well as the Bauschinger effect.A typical cyclic response of the steel material model is shown in Fig. 1a.. The constitutive parameters assumed as random. Sep 01, 2011 · Moment of resistance of concrete in web Ultimate axial load on column Percentage of tensile reinforcement in a beam — Percentage of total reinforcement in a column Shear flow kN/m First moment of area above plane of interest IOOAs/bd IOOAs/bh. 2 1.1 Reinforced Concrete.

the design resistance of steel expansion anchors to concrete loaded by static tensile force or static shear force, obtained from the experimental verification and the statistical and probabilistic analysiswith respect to the random variability of input quantities and number of tests realized are presented. concrete, yield strength of main steel, yield strength of transverse steel factors, geometric properties of beam and column are considered as random variable. A Monte-Carlo simulation is carried out in the computational model considering probabilistic distribution incorporating the uncertainties in materials. Predicting the behavior of prestressed concrete membrane elements by refined rotating‐angle softened‐truss model with efficient solution procedure Luís F. A. Bernardo Benedito M. V. C. Filho. The perforation of a concrete target subjected to a rigid projectile impact is studied in this paper. Based on the dynamic cavity expansion theory and a plug formation model, semianalytical formulas for the perforation thickness and the perforation ballistic limit of concrete target are developed.

The submitted study investigates shear resistance model uncertainties for reinforced concrete beams with and without shear reinforcement, considering large test databases and various levels of approximation offered by fib Model Code 2010. Model uncertainty is treated as a random variable and its characteristics are obtained by comparing test. Jun 01, 2001 · The abrasion resistance of high-strength concrete HSC has been proven to be better than that of conventional concrete. Khayat [15] found that the abrasion resistance. Probabilistic concepts in structural concrete design. Authors: Samarin, A; Conference: Research Seminar: the Probabilistic Analyses of Soil and Rock Structures, 1980,.

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