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Some acoustic characteristics of dysarthric speech. Book.

Some acoustic characteristics of dysarthric speech. Basel, Karger, 1965 OCoLC556796740 Online version: Lehiste, Ilse. Some acoustic characteristics of dysarthric speech. Basel, Karger, 1965 OCoLC609230552: Document Type: Book: All Authors / Contributors: Ilse Lehiste; National Institutes of. Acoustic analysis of dysarthric speech Tina Magnuson and Mats Blomberg Abstract This report describes an acoustic analysis of the speech of persons with dysarthria. Sentence-based vs. word-based syllable rate and examples of deviant articulation patterns are presented. Implications for speech recognition systems are discussed. Introduction. Dysarthria is slurred speech because you have a hard time controlling the muscles you use to talk. Learn more about the different types of dysarthria and how they’re treated.

acoustic analysis to dysarthric speech, and 2 proposes particular acoustic analyses that may be useful in a standardized assessment of disordered speech and voice. The issues considered are relevant to both research on dysarthria and the clinical use of acoustic analysis as a supplement to perceptual assess-ments. Information is included on. Describes the major types of acoustic analysis available for the study of speech, identifies equipment and other components needed for a modern speech-analysis laboratory, and lists possible measurements for various aspects of phonation, articulation, and resonance, as they might be seen in neurologically disordered speech. Author/DB. An acoustic analysis of the speech of fourteen motorically disabled persons, twelve with dysarthria and two without, is presented. The analysis is based on a standard description of dysarthric speech and parameters such as fundamental frequency, syllable rate, speech/articulation rate, reading speed, dysfluencies and articulatory deviations are. In this work, we investigate the joint use of articulatory and acoustic features for automatic speech recognition ASR of pathological speech. Despite long-lasting efforts to build speaker- and text-independent ASR systems for people with dysarthria, the performance of state-of-the-art systems is still considerably lower on this type of speech than on normal speech. The most prominent reason.

Dec 01, 2003 · In nonimpaired speech, this contrast is believed to be cued primarily by F0, although some researchers have argued that duration also plays a role. This study examined how 8 speakers with severe DYS due to cerebral palsy signaled the question-statement contrast for a set of 10 short phrases. Using normal speaker's speech data for data augmentation or adaptation for low intelligible dysarthric speakers would be extremely challenging due to huge variation in acoustic characteristics.

ERIC - EJ593127 - Acoustic Studies of Dysarthric Speech.

Dysarthria can happen with other speech and language problems. You might have trouble getting messages from your brain to your muscles to make them move, called apraxia. You could also have trouble understanding what others say or telling others about your thoughts, called aphasia. The speech of five individuals with cerebellar disease and ataxic dysarthria was studied with acoustic analyses of CVC words, words of varying syllabic structure stem, stem plus suffix, stem plus two suffixes, simple sentences, the Rainbow Passage, and conversation. Unilateral lower facial weakness, unilateral tongue weakness, unilateral palatal weakness, articulation disorders, harsh voice, reduced loudness, slow rate, short phrases, hypernasality. Because of the location of the damage, often people with this kind of.

to the "non-standard" characteristics of the dysarthric speech [11], and the degree to which the recognition can tolerate an increased variability of certain characteristics of the dysarthric speech [12], [13]. It would appear that the newer product technologies with HMM, and possibly neural nets, give advantages for these issues. Tjaden K, Rivera D, Wilding G, Turner GS. Characteristics of the lax vowel space in dysarthria. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research. 2005; 48:554–566. Tjaden K, Wilding GE. Rate and loudness manipulations in dysarthria: Acoustic and perceptual findings. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research. 2004; 47:766–783. acoustic analysis of the speech of fourteen motorically disabled persons, twelve with dysarthria and two without, is presented. The analysis is based on a standard description of dysarthric speech and parameters such as fundamental frequency, syllable rate, speech/articulation rate, reading speed, dysfluencies and articulatory. Signs and symptoms of dysarthria include perceptual speech characteristics and physical signs that vary by dysarthria type see Distinguishing Perceptual Speech Characteristics and Physical Findings by Dysarthria Type.Dysarthria can alter speech intelligibility and/or speech naturalness by disrupting one or more of the five speech subsystems—respiration, phonation, articulation, resonance. Jun 11, 2010 · 2010. Difficulties in Automatic Speech Recognition of Dysarthric Speakers and Implications for Speech-Based Applications Used by the Elderly: A Literature Review. Assistive Technology: Vol. 22, No. 2, pp. 99-112.

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The recorded patterns of muscle activity fail to support a number of theories concerning the pathophysiology of dysarthria in cerebral palsy. There was no indication of weakness in individual. Answer The prominent speech characteristics are reduced vocal loudness and vocal decay, meaning that over time there is a fading in the loudness. This is commonly known as hypophonia.

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