The Comparative Law and Economics of Reinsurance (Deutsches, Europaisches und Vergleichendes Wirtschaftsrecht) Hermann Geiger -

The Comparative Law and Economics of Reinsurance.

Hermann Geiger The Comparative Law and. Reinsurance International Law 145 A. TheConflict of Laws in Reinsurance 145 I. Legal Structure 146 II. Express Choiceof Law 147 III. Implied Choiceof Law 147 IV. Closest Connection 149 1. Germany 150 2. England 151. ISBN: 3789070505 9783789070501: OCLC Number: 47031752: Notes: Originally presented as the author's thesis LL. M.--University of Birmingham, 1999/2000.

Comparative law and economics is a positive discipline which - from the standpoint of efficiency - ‘deals with the transplants that have been made, why and how they were made, and the lessons to be learned from this’ Watson, 1978b, p. 318. Comparative law and economics, on the other hand, may also. Association for Comparative Law and Economics."8 But all these activities, considerable though they were, had little influ-ence upon the German law itself. The scholars, fascinated by their high, too high ends, cultivated a sort of general jurisprudence or Ethnological jurisprudence. The international practitioners were interested in one or.

Hermann Geiger The Comparative Law and Economics of Reinsurance This publication deals, from a comparative point of view, with the legal and economic foundations of reinsurance. Questions pertaining to the law of insurance contracts and supervisory regulations as well as problems in respect of. This article provides an overview both of the development of comparative law as a field of research, and of its impact on legal changes in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. It focuses on the development of comparative law in the field of the law of obligations. The second section deals with the long nineteenth century. The third section considers the golden age of comparative law, which. 3 Weber, The Law and Economics of Enforcing European Consumer Law: A Comparative Analysis of Package Travel and Misleading Advertising, 1st Edition, Routledge 2016, p. 35. 4 Becker, "Crime and Punishment: An Economic Approach", Journal of Political Economy 76, no. 2 1968: 169–217. comparative law varied from researcher to researcher. For Christian von Bar, unification of law by creation of just, efficient, secure, freedom-promoting private law was the aim of comparative research. For Tomasz Giaro, comparative law was a tool for acquiring deep knowledge about how the law works, and questioning the classical divisions between.

In order to write German insurance and reinsurance business, foreign insurers and reinsurers need to comply with preconditions of German insurance regulatory law. Under the EU single passport regime, EEA-insurers and reinsurers are permitted to write German reinsurance business either via a domestic branch or under the freedom to provide. The economic analysis of law tries to predict the consequences of legal rules.7 The law and economic approach is an attempt to explain and develop the law according to economic principles. The starting point is the contemplation of individuals or, more precisely, the individual behavior. From that behavior the economic analysis of law. 'Rethinking Comparative Law: Variety and Uniformity in Ancient and Modern Tort Law', Tulane Law Review, 61 2, December, 235-87 1986 / Saul Levmore 3 --2. 'The Competitive Relationship among Sources of Law', in Comparative Law and Economics, Chapter 4, Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, 101-21 1997 / Ugo Mattei 56 --3.

The Database is focused on Capital Market Law and Corporate Law, but it also covers the fundamental developments in Private Law and Unfair Competition Law. With over 2000 data records and approximately 9000 files, users can access a detailed body of European Primary and Secondary Law, as well as numerous German omnibus laws, federal laws and. Mission creep in the application of wildlife law: The progressive dilution of legal requirements regarding a wild‐born orca kept for ‘research’ purposes Matthew Volk Spiegl Arie Trouwborst.

derstanding among law students and the legal profession. Part of this program included a proposal that law students of the United States and other nations prepare reciprocal notes on some legal problem of common interest that would serve as a comparative exhibit of the law of the various nations. The joint Master’s degree program “Master of Comparative Business Law - M.C.B.L. Mannheim / Adelaide” is a one-year program at Master's level. The program is offered in. Overview. The Review of European, Comparative & International Environmental Law RECIEL is an international journal that contains articles on a broad range of topics in environmental law and policy.RECIEL bridges both academic and professional spheres by providing scholars, legal practitioners, policy makers, students and any other interested persons with information on developments in.

freedom and economic success. In an era of accelerated economic globalisation, the law is becoming an important competitive factor. German law is part of the codified legal system that has developed across the European continent. This law is predictable, affordable and enforceable. Our legislation balances the various interests in a fair and. with a brief comparative overview of our findings. I. Civil Justice Disentangled In this chapter, first, the chronology of a civil dispute is analyzed from an economic point of view. For that purpose, we rely on the standard economic theory of litigation as derived by, among others, Landes 1971, Gould 1973 and Posner 1973 7. In a second. Insurance supervision in Germany is mainly regulated by the Insurance Supervisory Act Versicherungsaufsichtsgesetz, VAG. The VAG contains provisions regarding, inter alia, authorisation, fund requirements and governance for insurance and reinsurance undertakings.The VAG was reformed in order to transpose the Directive 2009/138/EC "Solvency II Directive" into domestic law as of 1. Jan 23, 2007 · The commentary briefly traces the history of the debate leading to the adoption of the EU Reinsurance Directive in November 2005, outlines its major provisions and attempts to assess the possible significance and impact of the Directive on the EU internal market and on the EU's relations with third countries. It also notes the various factors that persuaded the European insurance industry and.

This chapter examines the specific problems of comparative law before German national courts. It focuses on areas in which comparative law has played a role in German private law. The first part of the chapter discusses comparative law as a necessary tool and concludes that the comparative method is still not part of a broadly accepted canon of German legal methodology. teach and research EU law and especially EU procedural law. Symbolically, this conference marks the end of the Jean Monnet Chair in EU Procedural Law, but also the beginning of the EU and comparative law issues and challenges series that aspires to pursue the.

Comparative studies in law and economics. 12. Law and economics from the civil law perspective. 13. New issues in law and economics. 14. Law and economics of antitrust. 15. Comparative perspectives in competition policy. 16. The economics of knowledge and intellectual property rights. 17.

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