The dual system of vocational education and training in the Federal Republic of Germany: Structure and function Wolf-Dietrich Greinert -

The dual system of vocational education and training VET in Germany is a specific training system that aims at systematically combining the advantages of training in a company and education. The dual system of vocational training in the Federal Republic of Germany: Structure and function [Greinert, Wolf-Dietrich] on. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The dual system of vocational training in the Federal Republic of Germany: Structure and function. The German dual vocational training system makes it hard to compare education years acquired in Germany and education years acquired abroad Deissinger, 2015. Furthermore, as I study the effects.

the further modernization of the dual system 76 5. The dual system of vocational education in the Federal Republic of Germany: status 1990 80 5.1 Functional elements of the dual system 80 5.1.1 The private training market in the Federal Republic of Germany 80 5.1.2 Vocational training legislation in the Federal Republic of Germany 85. Sep 15, 2008 · Vocational training in the Dual System in the Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn: BMBF. [Google Scholar], pp. 14–17. The highly differentiated system in Germany also implies a specific curricular arrangement for companies and vocational schools. The general training plan gives exact details of the learning content for the companies. 14 uses this Hermann Schmidt quotation to illustrate the specific structure and function of the "German system" of vocational education and training and stresses at the same time the prominent role of industry in the necessary redevelopment of the for the most part traditional model that goes all the way back to the period before World War I.

The dual system of vocational education and training in the Federal Republic of Germany: Structure and function Wolf-Dietrich Greinert

Today, even the research field and academia agree that the passage of the Vocational Training Act and thus the year 1969 represent the start of a major new chapter - and perhaps even the most significant turning point - in the history of vocational education and training in Germany see for example Greinert 2000, p. 45 f.. tion. A case in point is the dual system of the Federal Republic of Germany with its part-time vocational schools. Part 2 deals with certain didactic micromodels, which dif-fer with regard to the methods applied; whether technical and vocational education is provided in the enterprise or in school can be ignored in this context. Jan 01, 2011 · Using these criteria as a guide, the essay explores how Germans developed a vocational education and training system that brought these elements into a coherent whole, while Americans undermined most overt vocational education and certification programs by concentrating them in full-time schools governed by educational professionals, “private. 1 Germany’s Education System and Streams of Secondary Education Germany has been facing a few challenges in recent years in terms of its education and training systems. In General Education, the PISA studies e.g. OECD 2000 have led to a serious discussion on both the quality of learning and teaching in schools as well as to a new. Greinert, W-D. 1995. The dual system of vocational education and training in the federal republic ofGermany; Structure and function Vol. 2, Rev. ed.. Stuttgart Holland.

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