The Metabolism and Toxicity of Fluoride (Monographs in Oral Science, Vol. 13) -

The metabolism and toxicity of fluoride.

Jan 01, 2012 · Fluoride is a naturally occurring element with multiple implications for human health. This review discusses its metabolism and toxicity, along with the current understanding of the mechanism of action of fluoride and its role as a safe and effective agent in the prevention of dental caries. The metabolism and toxicity of fluoride. Monographs in oral science 13. Basel: Karger. Whitford GM 1994. Effects of plasma fluoride and dietary calcium concentrations on GI absorption and secretion of fluoride in the rat. Calcif Tissue Int, in press. Google Scholar. Fluoride is a naturally occurring element with multiple implications for human health. This review discusses its metabolism and toxicity, along with the current understanding of the mechanism of. Fluoride is widely used as an anticariogenic agent but excessive ingestion may lead to systemic toxicity. Its biological effects are dependent on the amount, time of exposure and the metabolic.

The metabolism and toxicity of fluoride. 2 nd rev. ed. Monographs in oral science. Vol. 16. Basel, Switzerland: Karger; 1996. 4. Institute of Medicine, Food and Nutrition Board. Dietary reference intakes for calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin D and fluoride. 13: Isolation of Fluoride Tolerant Bacillus spp KT201599, KT201600 from the. Jan 06, 2016 · FLUORIDE METABOLISM 12. ACUTE TOXICITY The acute lethal dose for an adult is suggested to be 32-64 mg F/kg, and in children it is 5mg F/kg. • Certainly lethal dose CLD: Amount of drug likely to cause death. The Metabolism and Toxicity of Fluoride by G. M. Whitford, 9783805562478, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The metabolism and toxicity of fluoride. Monographs in oral science. 1989 Jan 1;13:1-160. / The metabolism and toxicity of fluoride.

Jan 01, 2017 · Metabolic handling of fluoride between the two strains also differs; the susceptible A/J strain excretes a significantly higher amount of fluoride in urine Carvalho et al., 2009 and presents with a significant decrease in ultimate load and stiffness of the femoral and vertebral bodies with increasing fluoride dose Mousny et al., 2006. The book comprises of two sections. The first section discusses the sources of fluoride intake of children and its metabolism. Two chapters cover the biological biomarkers of exposure to fluoride as classified by the World Health Organisation 1994. This section ends with chapters on acute and chronic toxicity of ingested fluoride.

The metabolism and toxicity of fluoride eBook, 1989.

Monographs in Oral Science. Editors: Lussi, Adrian Bern Buzalaf, Marilia A.R. São Paulo. May 01, 1992 · The sources of fluoride have been limited almost exclusively to fluoride-containing vitamins and dental products. Based on a review of the doses involved in the four fatalities, three of which involved young children, the "probably toxic dose" of fluoride has been set at 5 mg F/kg body weight. Metabolism and toxicity of fluoride. Basel; New York: Karger, ©1996 OCoLC605009411 Online version: Whitford, Gary M. Metabolism and toxicity of fluoride. Basel; New York: Karger, ©1996 OCoLC606365834: Material Type: Internet resource: Document Type: Book, Internet Resource: All Authors / Contributors: Gary M Whitford. Nov 19, 2015 · In Fluoride and the oral environmen t Vol. 22 Monographs in Oral Science ed M. A. R. Buzalaf Karger, 2011. Whitford, G. M. Metabolism and Toxicity of Fluoride. Karger, 1996. The excessive fluoride F exposure is associated with damage to cellular processes of different tissue types, due to changes in enzymatic metabolism and breakdown of redox balance. However, few studies evaluate doses of F compatible with human consumption. Thus, this study evaluated the effects of chronic exposure to sodium fluoride NaF on peripheral blood of mice from the evaluation of.

May 01, 1997 · Additional aspects about fluoride can also be found in recent reviews by others 9-11. FLUORIDE BIOAVAILABILITY The metabolic fate of the fluoride ion ingested with food in an adult is shown in Figure 1 12. In geographical areas naturally low in fluoride the total daily adult intake is likely to be < 1 mg fluoride 13. Bone deformities caused by the chronic intake of large quantities of fluoride and the beneficial effect of calcium on its control have been studied for many years, but only limited data are available on the quantitative effect of fluoride intake and the beneficial impact of calcium on fluoride-induced changes in bone at the molecular level. It is necessary to determine the degree of fluoride.

The first section deals with the sources of fluoride intake and its metabolism, in order to fully understand fluoride toxicity and the importance of monitoring intake. The second section focuses in more detail on modes of fluoride application and the mechanisms by which this ion interacts with the oral environment to cause a remarkable reduction in dental caries. Fluoride is widely recognized for reducing the prevalence of dental caries. Dental caries is a site-specific, multifactorial dis-ease. Numerous biological factors for each individual influence Figure 1. Flowchart of fluoride metabolism 2 Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine 00000.

The production of the fluoride ion during biological oxidation of aryl fluorides has been observed in several systems; metabolism of 4-fluoro-L-phenylalanine by phenylalanine hydroxylase results in l-tyrosine and fluoride ion, and metabolism of 3,5-difluoro-4-hydroxybenzoic acid gives fluorobenzoquinone-5-carboxylic acid and fluoride ion. There are many incidents of fluoride toxicity whether it is acute or chronic. Fluoride toxicity is an environmental hazard which arises from the upper layers of geological crust and is dissolved in water. Prolonged d rinking of such water causes chronic fluoride toxicity. Use of fluoride containing compounds for various purposes such as dental products, metal, glass, refrigerator and chemical.

Fluoride has a direct toxic effect on intracellular metabolism that includes the inhibition of glycolytic enzymes and cholinesterases. Profound hyperkalemia may result. Whitford GM. THE METABOLISM AND TOXICITY OF FLUORIDE. Monographs in Oral Science. Vol 13. Series editor: Myers HM. Basel Journal. Journal of Public Health Dentistry – Wiley. Published: Mar 1,. These studies were done to determine the effectsof fluoride F on the structure and function of thecanine gastric mucosa and the possible protectiveeffects of 16,16-dimethylprostaglandin E2dmPGE2. A portion of the stomach with its vascularsupply intact was mounted in a two-compartment chamber,one side of which contained a control solution. Minoreffects were caused by exposure to 1 mmol. Although the most pronounced effects of fluoride intake are manifested in bones and teeth, it is also known to cross cell membranes by simple diffusion and enter soft tissues causing adverse effects on cell metabolism and function [1, 4–6]. In soft tissues, its concentration is proportional to the plasma concentration. Salivary glands are important secretory organs, vital to various processes occurring in.

[Hodge HD et al; Fluorine Chemistry Vol IV: p.3-518 1965 as cited in USEPA; Drinking Water Criteria Document for Fluoride p.VI-11 1985 EPA Contract No. 68-03-3279]PEER REVIEWED The toxicity of sodium fluoride in relation to the beneficial effects of fluoride therapy in the treatment of malignant neoplasia was examined. They described. Review of Fluoride Benefits and Risks. Feb 1991; USPHS/CDC. Fluoridation Census 1985. Department of Health and Human Services, Bethesda MD 1985 pp 28-32. Whitford GM. The Metabolism and Toxicity of Fluoride. Monographs in Oral Science. Karger, Basel 1989. Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia. Although the most pronounced effects of fluoride intake are manifested in bones and teeth, it is also known to cross cell membranes by simple diffusion and enter soft tissues causing adverse effects on cell metabolism and function [ 1, 4 – 6.

  1. 1. Monogr Oral Sci. 1996;16 Rev 2:1-153. The metabolism and toxicity of fluoride. Whitford GM1. Author information: 1Department of Oral Biology, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, USA. PMID: 8813212 [Indexed for MEDLINE].
  2. Medicine & Health Sciences The Metabolism and Toxicity of Fluoride Monographs in Oral Science, Vol. 16 2nd, revised edition by G.M. Whitford Author, Adrian Lussi Series Editor, Marilia A.R. Buzalaf Series Editor & 0 more ISBN-13: 978-3805562478.
  3. The Metabolism and Toxicity of Fluoride - Karger Publishers. Since the first edition of this highly-acclaimed book appeared in 1989, a considerable amount of new information has been published on the diverse effects that fluoride can produce in biological.
  4. Master and use copy. Digital master created according to Benchmark for Faithful Digital Reproductions of Monographs and Serials, Version 1. Digital Library Federation, December 2002. Series Title: Monographs in oral science, v. 13. Responsibility: Gary M. Whitford.

[ 6 ] Monographs of Oral Science, Vol 13, P.1-160, 1959, Whitford, G.M., "The metabolism and toxcity of fluoride." [ 7 ] A report surfaces that fluoride-containing pesticides on fruit increase human fluoride intake. Some juices contain 6.8 ppm fluoride. Jan 13, 2012 · Science 13 Jan 2012: Vol. 335, Issue 6065, pp. 233-235 DOI: 10.1126/science.1215063. Although additional factors may be involved, the toxicity of sulfuryl fluoride is due, in part, to the increased fluoride levels. For example, fluoride inhibits metabolism and decreases calcium, magnesium, and serum cholinesterase levels in mammals: Cholinesterase is an enzyme needed for the proper functioning of the nervous system. 17,18.

DH 172 Fluoride Metabolism & Toxicity Test 2 PPT & Objectives Study Guide Landmark Studies. STUDY. PLAY. Varnish - NOT approved as anti-cavity product -Is approved as cavity liner. Natural Occurrence of Fluoride - 13th most prevalent element in earth's crust [ 6 ] Monographs of Oral Science, Vol 13, P.1-160, 1959, Whitford, G.M., "The metabolism and toxcity of fluoride." [ 7 ] A report surfaces that fluoride-containing pesticides on fruit increase human fluoride. 11:20 - Summary of NRC's 1993 Report Health Effects of Ingested Fluoride Bernard Wagner, Wagner Associates, Inc., former subcommittee chair. 12:00 - Break. 1:00 - Fluoride and Dental Health in the United States William Maas, Director, Division of Oral Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. m in mg/L are 0.07 and 0.13, respectively. Time to reach steady-state blood levels of vinylidene fluoride was less than 15 min for all concentrations. After cessation of exposure, blood levels of vinylidene fluoride decreased to 10% of steady-state levels within 1 h. Simulation of the metabolism of vinylidene.

Braz. arch. biol. technol. vol.54 no.6 Curitiba Nov./Dec. 2011. This was expected, since plasma was the central compartment involved in the metabolism of fluoride, where fluoride passed for its subsequent distribution and elimination, since there was no homeostasis. The metabolism and toxicity of fluoride. Monograph Oral Science, Medical. Vida is an expert on methods for assessment of renal fluoride excretion in community prevention programmes for oral health and has contributed her expertise to the fluoridated milk monitoring exercise, in St Helens – Merseyside, to measure the impact of drinking milk containing 0.8mg F/189 ml milk on urinary fluoride excretion of three year old children in 2013.

The Metabolism and Toxicity of Fluoride (Monographs in Oral Science, Vol. 13)

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