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The regeneration of muscle in larval Amblystoma punctatum is preceded by an extensive dedifferentiation of the old muscles of the limb stump. The process of muscle dedifferentiation consists in. Each point is the average of four to five determinations sD. preparations to observe the regeneration of skeletal muscle, viz., implantation of minced muscles and injection of the myotoxic drug Marcaine plus hyaluronidase. The second reason was to obtain some basic biochemical information concerning energy metabolism during muscle regeneration.

The Regeneration of Minced Muscles, Vol. 4, Karger, Basel 1972 Monographs in Developmental Biology 4. B.M. Carlson A quantitative study of muscle fiber survival and regeneration in normal, predenervated and Marcaine-treated free muscle grafts in the rat. Jul 01, 1976 · The myotoxic local anesthetic Marcaine causes widespread destruction of skeletal muscle followed by complete regeneration. To identify the metabolic a.

Jul 01, 1975 · DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 45, 203-208 1975 Multiple Regeneration from Axolotl Limb Stumps Bearing Cross-Transplanted Minced Muscle Regenerates BRUCE M. CARLSON' Hubrecht Laboratory, Utrecht, The Netherlands and Department of Anatomy, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104s Accepted March 7, 1975 Flexor and extensor muscles in the upper arms of axolotls. Soluble muscle extract incorporated into a collagen matrix also stimulated regeneration when added to muscle mince. The extract accelerated the rate of creatine kinase increase during the 1–3 week period beyond that observed in the control or cell augmented mince, suggesting that factors in the extract may facilitate revascularization or.

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  3. Abstract The regeneration of muscles minced and grafted orthotopically has been well described by Carlson 1972. Such muscles show a remarkable degree of recovery: they contract; they are supplied with vascularization and innervation within a few weeks after the surgery.

Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 7 February 2016 Volume 4 Article 8 Cebrià Planarian Muscle Regeneration It will be interesting to test this model in future. Abstract. Skeletal muscle is a tissue adapted for the generation of mechanical force, and a principal objective for the clinical transplantation of skeletal muscle is to restore force generation to a region in which the resident skeletal muscle has for some reason e.g. denervation, trauma, pathology lost is functional capacity Frey and Freilinger, 1986; Freilinger and Deutinger, 1992; Frey. Twitch time to peak, maxima tetanic tension, lactate dehydrogenase activity and total creatine concentration were measured in muscles regenerating for 30, 60 and 90 days. If the minces were frozen and thawed before grafting, muscle regeneration was suppressed. If they were further heated before grafting, muscle regeneration was also suppressed.

Volume 208, Issue 2. Developmental Biology. Autoradiographic and electron microscopic studies of minced cardiac muscle regeneration in the adult newt, Notophthalmus viridescens. David Bader. Department of Anatomy, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, North Dakota 58201. [Book Review: Essential Developmental Biology] Article in The Quarterly Review of Biology 782:228-229 · June 2003 with 25 Reads How we measure 'reads'. In biology, regeneration is the process of renewal, restoration, and tissue growth that makes genomes, cells, organisms, and ecosystems resilient to natural fluctuations or events that cause disturbance or damage. Every species is capable of regeneration, from bacteria to humans. Regeneration can either be complete where the new tissue is the same as the lost tissue, or incomplete where after. As we have seen, muscle cells come from two cell lineages in the somite. In both instances, paracrine factors instruct the myotome cells to become muscles by inducing them to synthesize the MyoD protein Maroto et al. 1997; Tajbakhsh et al. 1997. In the lateral portion of the somite, which forms the hypaxial muscles, factors from the surrounding environment induce the Pax3 transcription factor.

Muscle regeneration recapitulates many aspects of embryonic myogenesis and is an important homeostatic process of the adult skeletal muscle, which, after development, retains the capacity to regenerate in response to appropriate stimuli, activating the muscle compartment of stem cells, namely, satellite cells, as well as other precursor cells. Moreover, significant evidence suggests that while. Jan 01, 1989 · Newosdence Vol. 28, No- 2, pp. 509-514, 1989 Printed in Great Britain 0306-4522/89 $3.000.00 Pergamon Press pic 1989 IBRO THE ONSET OF MYOGENESIS IN DENERVATED MOUSE SKELETAL MUSCLE REGENERATING AFTER INJURY J. K. McGEACHiE and M. D. GROUNDS Departments of Anatomy and Human Biology, and athology, University of Western. The Functional Recovery of Minced Muscles, Muscle Transplantation 1981 ISBN:9783709186206 p.39-45, 10.1007/978-3-7091-8618-3_4; Bischoff, R. 1975 Regeneration of single skeletal muscle fibresin vitro.Anat. Rec. 182, 215–36. Carlson, B. M. 1968 Regeneration of the completely excised gastrocnemius muscle in the frog and rat from minced. Apr 16, 2018 · 1. Introduction. Skeletal muscle is one of the most abundant tissues in the human body. It accounts for 40%–45% of the total body mass and is necessary for generating forces for movement [].Up to a certain threshold, skeletal muscle has the capability of regenerating lost tissue upon injury [].Beyond this threshold, the remaining muscle tissue is unable to fully regenerate its function.

Nov 24, 2005 · The role of local mechanical forces in mammalian muscle regeneration from Carlson, 1972. Left: In order to apply directed tension to regenerating muscle tissue, part of a limb muscle was finely minced and implanted beneath the abdominal skin 2. On either side of the mince 1 and 3, a segment of Achilles tendon was placed.

characteristics of the muscle after minced Salafsky 1971, Carlson and Gutman 1972 and free Carlson and Gutmann 1973 muscle grafts. The regeneration of minced muscles. Monographs in developmental Biology, Vol. 4, Basel: S. Karger AG 1972 Carlson, B. M., Gutmann, E.: Development of contractile properties of minced. 206 DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY VOLUME 45.1975 minced muscles in an early stage of tissue regeneration are also capable of influencing the morphology of an epimorphically re- generating limb. In 14 axolotls the right flexor and exten- sor muscles were minced and cross-trans Yann Bassaglia and Jean Gautron, Fast and slow rat muscles degenerate and regenerate differently after whole crush injury, Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility, 10.1007/BF00114507, 16, 4. The body-wall musculature of adult planarians consists of intricately organized muscle fibers, which after amputation are regenerated rapidly and with great precision through the proliferation and differentiation of pluripotent stem cells. These traits make the planarian body-wall musculature a potentially useful model for the study of cell proliferation, differentiation, and pattern formation.

Matrix and Morphogenesis Section, Laboratory of Cell and Developmental Biology, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, National Institutes of Health, 30 Convent Dr, MSC 4370. Smooth Muscle Regeneration: A Review and Experimental Study Monographs in Developmental Biology, Vol. 9 [McGeachie, J.K., Sauer, H.W.] on. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Smooth Muscle Regeneration: A Review and Experimental Study Monographs in Developmental Biology, Vol. Introduction. Regeneration of appendages in the adult is observed in a number of vertebrates, including in the lizard tail, the salamander limb and tail, and the zebrafish caudal fin.Molecular and cellular analyses in these model organisms are beginning to reveal conserved versus divergent mechanisms for tissue regeneration –, which impacts the translation of these findings to human therapies.

Lisbeth C. Cerny, Everett Bandman, Expression of myosin heavy chain isoforms in regenerating myotubes of innervated and denervated chicken pectoral muscle, Developmental Biology, 10.1016/0012-16068790040-6, 119, 2, 350-362, 1987. The satellite cell population in mouse lumbrical muscle is quantitated at ages 7, 14, 21 and 30 days. Satellite cell nuclei comprise nearly 30% of the nuclei within the fiber basal lamina in the youn.

Muscle: Muscle regeneration. Skeletal muscle contains numerous 'satellite cells' underneath the basal lamina, as shown in the photograph opposite. These are mononucleated quiescent cells. When the muscle is damaged, these cells are stimulated to divide. After dividing, the cells fuse with existing muscle fibres, to regenerate and repair the.

Vol. 23, 1992 available Active subscription Keys for Regeneration European Conference on Tissue and Post-Traumatic Regeneration, Geneva, September 1990: Proceedings.Jan 01, 1976 · 1. Gastrocnemius muscles of frogs have been excised, chopped and put back into the leg. 2. The weight of the implanted muscles increases until the 8th day after the operation and then decreases to 1/3 of that of the control by the 30th day. 3. The inulin space is twice as high in regenerating muscle as in the unoperated controls. 4. Adenosine nucleotides are in an enzymatic equilibrium set by.The regeneration of minced muscles. Monographs in developmental Biology, Vol. 4, Basel: S. Karger AG 1972 Google Scholar Carlson, B. M., Gutmann, E.: Development of contractile properties of minced muscle regenerates in the rat. Exp. Neurol. 36, 239–249 1972 Google Scholar.

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